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Trudeau/Castro/Leftist/Communist Love Affair Produces Touching Love Letter to Fidel On 80th B-Day From Trudeau's Son - From Canuckistan With Love 'EH'

Click on the above link to go read this gut wrenching, vomitingly good tribute from a junior member of Canuckistani royalty, and yet another venom spitting, hysterical, rabidly anti-semetic/anti-American offspring emanating from the Turdeau/Castro *Marriage Made in Heaven*...the boy-child darlink of the Canuckistani Leftistas and their Fwench-Canuckistani/Euroweinie owned propaganda ootlets (eh)...a letter from Alexandre TurdHo published in the TorontHo Star to commemorate his father Pierre TurdHo's most loved and admired (and emulated) Dictator and Mentor whose influence on the Trudeau family has forged and formed Canadien domestic and foreign policy since the 60''s no WONDER CanaDUH has become as blindly bigoted and hateful as it is!!! The ties that bind here is a burning, visceral HATRED FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...and of course their anti-semitism to top it off for good measure, since Fwench-Canuckistan's much worshipped Communist/Fascist idols (Cuba/North Korea/China/Russia/Venezuela/et al) are allied (allied, hell..joined at the freakin' HIP they are) with the IslamoFascist/Global Jihadist Terorists who seek to murder in cold blood every man, woman, and child who will not convert to servitude, and Dhimminess (or become Communists like the Turdeaus/Fwench-Canadiens) on the title of this post to go to the Toronto Star's website and this story which I shall quote it is...from August 13th, 2006...TurdHo's love letter to his beloved Fidel:

"The last days of the patriarch


Pierre Trudeau had a friendship with Fidel Castro that went beyond politics. It was a mutual admiration between two men who put their unmatched intellects at the service of their country.

On Castro's 80th birthday, an essay by Alexandre Trudeau

Aug. 13, 2006. 07:38 AM



I grew up knowing that Fidel Castro had a special place among my family's friends. We had a picture of him at home: a great big man with a beard who wore military fatigues and held my baby brother Michel in his arms. When he met my little brother in 1976, he even gave him a nickname that would stick with him his whole life: "Micha-Miche."
A few years later, when Michel was around 8 years old, I remember him complaining to my mother that my older brother and I both had more friends than he did. My mother told him that, unlike us, he had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel.
For many years, Cuba remained Michel's exclusive realm; whenever someone would accompany my father there, it would naturally be Michel. It wasn't until after both my father's and brother's deaths that I got a chance to visit Fidel and his country, Cuba.
Fidel may have been at first a political contact of my father's but their relationship was much more than that. It was extra-political.
Indeed, like my father, in private, Fidel is not a politician. He is more in the vein of a great adventurer or a great scientific mind. Fidel doesn't really do politics. He is a revolutionary.
He lives to learn and to put his knowledge in the service of the revolution. For Fidel, revolution is really a work of reason. In his view, revolution, when rigorously adopted, cannot fail to lead humanity towards ever greater justice, towards an ever more perfect social order.
Fidel is also the most curious man that I have ever met. He wants to know all there is to be known. He is famous for not sleeping, instead spending the night studying and learning.
He also knows what he doesn't know, and when he meets you he immediately seeks to identify what he might learn from you. Once he has ascertained an area of expertise that might be of interest, he begins with his questions. One after the other. He synthesizes information quickly and gets back to you with ever deeper and more complex questions, getting more and more excited as he illuminates, through his Socratic interrogation, new parcels of knowledge and understanding he might add to his own mental library.
His intellect is one of the most broad and complete that can be found. He is an expert on genetics, on automobile combustion engines, on stock markets. On everything.
Combined with a Herculean physique and extraordinary personal courage, this monumental intellect makes Fidel the giant that he is.
He is something of a superman. My father once told us how he had expressed to Fidel his desire to do some diving in Cuba. Fidel took him to the most enchanting spot on the island and set him up with equipment and a tank. He stood back as my father geared up and began to dive alone.
When my father had reached a depth of around 60 feet, he realized that Fidel was down there with him, that he had descended without a tank and that there he was with a knife in hand prying sea urchins off the ocean floor, grinning.
Back on the surface, they feasted on the raw sea urchins, seasoned with lime juice.
Fidel turns 80 years old today. A couple of weeks ago, he shocked the world by turning power over to his brother Raul after holding it without interruption since the 1959 revolution. In newspapers across the world, pundits solemnly declared that even giants are mortal and that no revolution is eternal. Historians even began to prepare the space that will be granted Fidel in history books.
Fidel may seem an anachronism: a visionary statesman in a world where his kind have long since been replaced by mere managers, a 20th-century icon still present in the 21st century.
There is also wild speculation about what fate awaits Cuba after Castro. It is important to note, however, that while the whole world works itself up about the matter, Cubans themselves play it cool. Some of my shrewder Cuban friends even say that this temporary withdrawal from power is another one of Castro's clever strategies; that it is something of a test and that he will soon be back at the helm. They say that, on one hand, Castro is allowing the Cuban people, and more specifically the Cuban state apparatus, to become accustomed to the leadership of his brother Raul. On the other hand, Castro is carefully watching for hints as to how the world — and, more importantly, the United States — will react to his final departure.
Cubans remain very proud of Castro, even those who don't share his vision. They know that, among the world's many peoples, they have the most audacious and brilliant of leaders. They respect his intellectual machismo and rigour.
But Castro's leadership can be something of a burden, too. They do occasionally complain, often as an adolescent might complain about a too strict and demanding father. The Jefe (chief) sees all and knows all, they might say. In particular, young Cubans have told me that an outsider cannot ever really imagine what it is like to live in such a hermetic society, where everyone has an assigned spot and is watched and judged carefully. You can never really learn on your own, they might say. The Jefe always knows what is best for you. It can be suffocating, they say.
I met a young man in the small provincial town of Remedios who worked there as a cigar roller. We shared a great love for the works of Dostoyevsky. When I expressed to him my excitement at meeting a fellow aficionado of Russian literature, he flatly told me: "Yes, Fidel has taught me to read and to think, but look what work he sets me out to do with this education: I roll cigars!"
Cuba under Castro is a remarkably literate and healthy country, but it is undeniably poor. Historians will note, however, that never in modern times has a small, peaceful country been more subjected to unfair and malicious treatment by a superpower than Cuba has by the United States.
From the very start, the United States never gave Castro's Cuba a choice. Either Castro had to submit himself and his people to America's will or he had to hold his ground against them.
Which is what he did, in the process drawing the Cuban people into this taxing dialectic that continues to this day. Cubans pay the price and may occasionally complain of their fate, but they rarely blame Castro. The United States never fails to make the Cuban people well aware of its spite for this small neighbouring country that dares to be independent.
With the possible exception of Nelson Mandela, already well into retirement, Fidel is the last of the global patriarchs. Reason, revolution and virtue are becoming more and more distant and abstract concepts. We will perhaps never see another patriarch.
We thus have to conceive of the departure of the last patriarch in psychoanalytical terms. The death of the father doesn't signal our liberation from him — quite the contrary. The death of a father so grand and present as Castro will, rather, immortalize him in the minds of his children.
It is true that Cubans may eventually cast away the communist orthodoxy of the revolution. They will become tempted by American capital and values as soon as the embargo against them is lifted, something that will surely follow in the not so distant future. They will have new opportunities for individual fulfilment and downfall. Without a doubt, Cuba without Castro will not remain unchanged.
But Cubans will continue to be subjected to Castro's influence. Whether they like it or not, they will continue to be called out by his voice, by his questions, by his inescapable rationality, which, whether they heed its call or not, demands they defend the integrity of Cuba and urges them to seek justice and excellence in all things.
For a generation to come, they will be haunted by the vision of a society that never existed and probably never will exist, but which their once-leader, the most brilliant and obsessed of all, never stopped believing could exist and should exist.
Cubans will always feel privileged that they, and they alone, had Fidel."

also see:
Wake up America...the stories above are indicative of the predominant sentiment in Canada of the majority of the Turdeau indoctrinated Fwench-Canadien-Euro/Canuck in the Canadien Liebral/NDeeP/Bloc/Communist/Marijuana Parties...outside of possibly the Albertans being the sole exception (generalizing - there are individual exceptions of course)...these hatred filled, hysterically rabid, Leftista Fwench-Canuckistanis are always the ones who wildly cheer on the terrorists and communist "rebel" groups around the world as they go about their killing of our own people and other *free world* peoples (like our friends the Israelis, Brits, Kiwis, Aussies, etctera)...those Leftista worshipped entities are constantly trying to seize power not through democratic elections, but by their usual hallmark methods of terror, violence, threats, media control/censorship, and brute force.


Now, more aboot these so called "peace activists" (eh) that we mention's what they ARE and what they DO as opposed to what they SAY they are...totally and completely the opposite of what they bray on (like annoying jackasses) that they are...and on, and on, and on...incessantly, continually, non-freakin'stop...hee-haw..heeehhaaaAAAw...(no wonder a U.S. Democrat is symbolized by the Donkey "eh")... to anyone who will they can *force* to listen to them through their Fwench-Canuckistani/Euroweinie owned Internatioanl media outlets (Bertelsmann AG/Vivendi Universal/Al Gore's a co-owner of some of their media outlets and "polling centers" (like the "PEW center for example - Madeleine Albright -Clinton's/Gore's???PEEEEYOOOEEEW!!!) Lion's Gate films of TorontHo, Canuckistan (Michael Moore's Farce and Hype 911)..."oui, oui...let's see now (eh)...just how much false propaganda can we pump out there with our media ootlets (eh)... to da world (eh) make da people want to hate and kill dose Americans (eh) ...just like us good Fwench-Canadien Islamofascistas want to do (eh)???..oui, oui...and we must do da same to da evil jew (eh)...oui, oui...vive LaFrancophonie...death to da AmeriKKKan and da Jew (eh)!!!"

Uh, huh...such polite, caring, kind-hearted, compassionate "peace activists" these insane, radicalized, militant, leftist "people" are, aren't they folks??? I'm sure everyone's seen them on their TV sets around the world, time and time again, lol...."promoting peace" (cough, COUGH) and maniacally burning flags/effigys all wild-eyed, hysterical, and phobic as they are......

*Oddly enough, somehow one never does see "right-wing conservative" groups, or people, out enmasse in public filling the streets terrorizing, burning, looting, pillaging, plundering, defacing/destroying property, vandalizing property, scaring/threatening/intimidating men, women, and children in their comunities, spewing hatred...yeah...kind of odd that is solely the realm of the HATE ACTIVIST LEFTIST set who always try to paint themselves as "peace activists" (the exact opposite of how they conduct themselves and the communist/fascist/terrorist entities they always seem to support - i.e. Jane Fonda/Cindy Sheehan/Michael Moore/Jihad Jack al Layton/Turdeau family/(al) Gore/BillaryBobClintonBubba/DeVillipin/Carolyn Parrish/Chirac/Strong/Martin/Cretien/Joe Biden/Susan Sarandon/the Desmarais family/Bin Hoser-Laden/Pol Pot'TV'-MarcyMarcEmeryBoardumb/Stalin/Chairman Mao/all the Ayatollahs/Mullahs/Kim IllJong/Castro/Chavez/Gueverra/Hitler/Nasrallah/The Dixie know the type, "eh"...)

* Has anyone but me ever observed that the radical, violence prone, extremist *LEFTISTAS* are somehow ALWAYS the very same groups that destroy, terrorize, threaten, commit violent acts as they rage about during their "demonstrations" (Hate Rallys)....defacing property, screaming out hateful slogans, burning flags and effigies, chant hateful mantras, become out of control and become rabidly hysterical??? Destroying property and threatening people??? Scaring the beejesus out of regular, ORDINARY men, women, and children who wish to live in a peaceful, safe, tolerant, respectful, caring society??? In Canada they are even bigoted and racist (engaging in Hate Rallys against Jews and people of American National Origin, as in for one example: the 10,000 anti-American Hate Activists who, led on by their own government leaders Layton/Parrish et al terrorized people of American national origin in their nation's capital city and seized control of the streets chanting anti-American Hate Slogans, brandishing anti-American signs and banners, burning American flags and effigies of Americans, keying cars with American license plates, vandalizing vehicles/businesses with links to people of American national origin, brandishing signs and banners with huge black Nazi Swastikas on them, and even emblazoning an American flag with a huge black Swastika, in addition to other flag desecration acts such as hanging them upside down, burning, urinating on them, tearing/shredding them, stomping on them, you name it! It almost looked like a Jihadist gathering with all the "Death To America" signs. I am ashamed to say that my step-son and his wife were among the most rabid, anal, and violence prone among them, and as an "evil American" (eh) isolated in their midst without any constitutional protections, they made sure I KNEW it, as they hated and despised ME simply because of my American national origin! Scary people here in Canuckistan, I am telling you! Can'tuhDUH/Canyuckistan really Leftist Hate-Activist TorontHo's filth & garbage they've been dumping on the poor people of Michigan for EONS (eh)...


On the bright side? Just this year a NEW and DIFFERENT Canadian government was formed, but unfortunately it is made up of a MINORITY of what we refer to as "traditional Canadians" , as in the GOOD, brave, decent, honorable, kind-hearted people Americans USED to know (but miraculously DO still exist in Alberta at least...this government is formed of what they call the "Conservative Party of Canada". The new Prime Minister is Stephen Harper, and he seems like a nice person, very intelligent, compassionate, and a real believer in fairness, and equality for all people regardless of national origin (*as long as they are decent law-abiding people who don't seek to exterminate entire races of people of the face of the earth, aka Islamofascist terrorists and their supporters). He seems to be a believer in democracy, and in old fashioned family, and tradional values. He seems to have a sense of what's right and wrong, and he seemingly displays uncommonly good common sense. He doesn't pander to special interest groups, or radicalized left-wing Hate Activists on soap boxes (like the Jihad Jack al Layton's/Comrade Chow's/Turdeau's etcetera). He seems to see through hidden agendas quite readily. He has the courage, and enough of a sense of honor to stand on his beliefs, values, and convictions. He seems a man of principle. A rare thing up North these days. Oh, yes, and of course..he's an ALBERTAN, and not beholden to Fwench-Candien/Islamofacist/Communist families and international corporations which controlled Canadian governments ever since Trudeau came into power. Guess THAT should explain it right there! I wish Mr. Harper and his Conservatives (all good people it seems) luck. As they are vastly outnumbered by the hateful, pro-communist/fascist, pro-terrorist/global jihadist, anti-semetic/antiAmerican LEFTISTS who have dominated and controlled Canada since the 60's he is most definitely an endagered species of sorts up there in Canada. By the way, as a "disclaimer" all derogatory terms I have used from time to time aboot Canada (eh)...are solely in reference to the very Hate Activist leftists, and LaPhrancophonie racial supremacists in Canuckistan...NOT the good "traditional" CANADIANS from those from Alberta and the like!!! Good luck Stephan Harper!!! It's an uphill battle to change minds molded by over 40 years of Trudeauist Leftista Indoctrination in the state controlled schools and media of fwench-communist Canuckistan....but if ANYONE can do it it's you, Mr. Harper. I've got my fingers crossed for you, and I hope to one day like ALL of Canada and ALL *CANADIANS* once again like I did in the good old days ...way back when....when we were friends who could actually count on each other to at least... NOT help the other's enemies.... even when/if deciding not to help each other!!! I would LOVE to see "The TRUE North strong and FREE", again someday...


*Special note to all you leftista "peace activists" out there...try this...instead of having temper tantrum after temper tantrum, and threatening and destroying, and terrorizing ordinary people in your hostile approach to "promoting peace"...ummm...could you try to be just a LITTLE bit more ummm...PEACEFUL???? Thanks in ordinary, regular people who are *NOT radicalized militant, violence prone, left-wing Hate-Activists* would like that very much (eh)...we (and our children) really don't like being threatened, intimidated, scared, assaulted, or otherwise abused by you left-wing "peace activists" anymore, okay? COMPRENDE' ??? And all your hard "peace activist" work encouraging your fellow radicalized violence prone leftist militant groups out there (Hezbollah/Hamas/Al Queda/Islamic Jihad/Jihad Jack al Layton's NDP/Iran/Syria/Venezuela/Turdeauist Cuba/North Korea/Russia/China/France/Fwench-Canuckistani Lieberal Party faithful, etcetera) in the world to hate us and want to kill us, and our children, isn't helping us to enjoy peaceful, secure lives either..., yeah. Try it. Or is it that REAL PEACE is just far too *boring* for the INSANE PSYCHOTIC LEFT...(eh???)...


Here's an interesting link from a GOOD Canadian (Stephen Taylor) who actually gets it below about how one of the very WORST Canadiens, "Jihad Jack" al Layton, his communist infiltrator wife Olivia Chow, and his NDeeP Party of left-wing anti-American/anti-semetic Fwench-Communist Canuckistani Hate Activist's are back stabbing the proudly serving members of the Canadian military (who are also Good Canadians deserving of more respect and support that what al Layton is peddling to his leftist/Hate Activist sheeple)

People like this "Stephen Taylor" guy give Canadian/U.S. relations a glimmer of hope :) ...thanks Stephen!!!


Here's a leftista owned (Fwench-Canadien Bell Globemedia also owner of the CommunistTV ['CTV'] propaganda outlet) version of what Stephan is referring to here from "The Globe & Mail", a major Canuckistani leftist operated anti-American hate-propaganda rag:

Title: "NDP riding association calls Canadian troops ‘terrorists'"

and from the Ottawa Sun (a more balanced news source in Canada):

* And here again (eh), once more for good measure(eh)... all aboot how Corrupt Communist Canuckistanis feel aboot us "evil AmeriKKKans" (eh):

* All this us "evil AmeriKKKans" (what Canuckistani Hate-Activist Leftistas call people of American national origin now) are doing what??? Go see :

*And here is Corrupt Communist Canuckistani boy-child Trudeau's favorite causes(anti-American anti-Semetic militant groups) all gathered here in one place at one time...*sigh*...he must be having heart palpitations in his awe and wonder (eh)...

A TorontHo, Canuckistan Garden:
BillaryBobClintonBubba (of Canadian tainted blood scandal fame from his Arkansas Governor/Arkansas prison inmate blood donor days, and the Monica Lewinsky porno party), and fellow anti-American hate activist party (Demoncraps/Democrats), and leftista friends successfully achieve muzzling/censorship of the same media group that paid for, filmed, and produced Michael MooreMoney's Farce & Hype 911...which they pushed on the world as complete and total absolute iron clad "fact", and a MUST see for the entire WORLD even if it did promote hatred and violence against Americans of all stripes the world over...Disney/ABC (who since an election was coming up slipped it over the border to our 'friends" cough, cough in "enlightened" & "progressive" TorontHo Canuckistan to release to Cannes in France and then America and the entire world - Lions Gate Films, "eh":

Guess us "evil Americans" and our "evil" MONEY have been staying as far away from "polite" CanaDUH as much as, gee the poor little dearies ponder aloud (eh)...just WHY would they not want to be around US "kind-hearted" Canadien laddies (eh)... GO SEE HERE:

In the style of thier true Canadien international drug dealer hero, THESE 5 "enlightened", "progressive" Canuckistanis got caught doing WHAT? WHERE??? Well, dear laddies and lassies...go SEE here (eh):

And it appears that Canadians are having a problem finding *non-enemies of the American people* within the boundaries of Soviet Canuckistan who are qualified to work on U.S. DOD equipment that they have "evil Americans" (eh)...forbid our good Canadien "friends" from continuing to provide our enemies with our national defense technology (CITIZENS OF China, Cuba, North Korea et al - French Communist CanaDUH's favorite imports, "eh"). Here below is an article from Soviet Canuckistan's leftist rag the "G&M" (Garbage in the Mail):

Any wonder WHY the people of America need to beef up security on our Northern Border shared with Fwench-Soviet Canuckistan? Here's just one more reason BESIDES their terrorists and international drug a look at THIS and use your imagination a little:

And here is how Cruel, Calculating, Cold-Bloooded, Corrupt Communist Canuckistan's leftist agents prey upon the weaker members of society attempting to immigrate to *THE HATE WHITE NORTH* (eh)...go see here:

Here is a repugnant and disgusting display of Canadien "peacefulness", and Canuckistani "politeness", leftist "enlightenment", and "progression" other words, the Canadien's typically hateful, violent, gutteral, visceral, insane, schizophrenic, psychotic anti-American BIGOTRY in action (eh) the hateful bigots KILL an innocent American serviceman on shore leave in Canada as he was attempting to help save a CANADIAN...sick, disgusting PPPHREAKS!!! Go read "aboot" it here, "eh"...

And here's how WONDERFUL (eh) life is these days for the "polite" citizens of the "progressive", "enlightened", streets of Canuckistan's capital city Ottawa, CanaDUH...